Is the idea of monogamy or sticking to one partner really as dead and gone as modern ways illustrate?  Some women are lucky enough to find themselves with a one-woman man, but there are many other beautiful, striking, and amazing ladies out there who still end up with the two-timing end of the stick.

Of course, the answer to this question depends on who you ask. You do not expect guys to be totally sincere with their responses. So, we got a couple of responses from some Divas. Check out what we learned;

#Diva 1 – Maturity: I think it is simply because there are no more mature guys and the others are never really mature maybe even grow old. Superficial always think life. Some toy and they enjoy it now… There you go – it is a clear sign of immaturity.

#Diva 2 – Attraction: I’m not an expert but I believe one of the main reasons is because the attraction has been lost. Although some temptation comes to actually add. I believe ALL forms of temptation does not really matter with a low level of interest or attraction.

#Diva 3 – Ego: I asked my husband why men cheat: He said this is an ego booster for them. Laws also committed that there’s going sideline, macho right? Egoism, egoism just arrived.

#Diva 4 – Excitement: There’s excitement and thrill adrenaline rush that you might say … Once you feel very addicted, it never ends.

#Diva 5 – Accusation: My ex told me he felt he wanted to cheat because I kept on accusing him of cheating. It’s like I was daring him. Furthermore, whether he cheats or not nothing will change because I also keep on accusing him of that.

#Diva 6 – Insecurity: They cheat because they are insecure. Trying to compensate.

#Diva 7 – Will: Men cheat because in some cases, there are women wanting to play ‘The Mistress’. It takes two to tangle!

#Diva 8 – Challenge: Maybe the woman is boring or not the real challenge. She always agrees on everything and does not voice out her own opinion or no-sense talking.

#Diva 9 – Discomfort: Maybe men are too comfortable to turn loyal partner… so they leave.

#Diva 10 – Experimentation: I think men cheat because they want to feel special and good about themselves and test if someone else still likes them. Yes I agree that this boosts their ego. They feel that if someone still likes them, then they are cool!

Do you agree with these DIVAs or do you have your own opinions? Do share them with us!