FB DIVA 09 Jan 14

If your daughter just can’t keep from checking out the make-up section at the store anytime you both go shopping, then it just might be time to consider how you want to handle the issue of make up for her. There are numerous companies that manufacture make up for girls, you can find everything from lip gloss to eye products at big box retailers and specialty stores. But if you’re still wondering if you want your daughter to wear make up, then you should stop to consider these few conditions.

Many parents don’t want their daughters wearing make up because they are afraid their daughters will attract attention that they’re not ready to handle. Others simply want their daughters to wait until they’re old enough to understand how to properly apply make-up and take care of their skin. Whatever the reasons, there are several factors to consider when addressing the whole issue of make up for girls;

It’s normal for girls to want to wear make-up and take an interest in fashion in general. Even if your daughter has always leaned towards the tom-boy character, expect her to take an interest before she leaves the adolescence.

Don’t automatically dismiss the idea of make up. For girls, it’s almost a coming of age milestone. Keep in mind that if you forbid your daughter from wearing make up, she might rebel and hide her behavior from you. Instead of forbidding your daughter from wearing make up, you might want to consider allowing her to use products that will make her feel grown up, but that aren’t as obvious as, say, a purple eyeliner. For example, you could tell your daughter that she may wear a light pink lip gloss, and apply a lightly tinted moisturizer when she feels her complexion needs a little help. You could also consider allowing her to use a peach or skin-toned eye shadow or eye cream that will blend with her natural skin color.

Talk to your teen about how make up influences what others think about them. Just like the clothes they wear, teens are often judged by the amount of make up they’re wearing, or the way they wear it.

Emphasize finding a look that’s appropriate for the occasion. Teach your daughter to understand that makeup, like clothing, can be event appropriate. Teach her to go for a lighter, more natural look for school, and a more formal look for school dances, or other special events.

On a final note, teach your teen that she must take care of her skin and that means always cleaning her face before she applies makeup and also before bed. Eye-makeup remover can be particularly helpful in removing mascara and eye-shadow, without having to use soap or other cleansers on the delicate eye area.