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    Welcome To DIVA Diaries!

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    A place to share, A place to care….

    When we concieved this idea of bringing to you Nigeria’s most affordable sanitary pad, our vision was much bigger than that. We are very passionate about education and enlightenment and wanted to empower every girl and woman with the knowledge they need to maintain proper hygiene during their periods. But as it is with most dreams, it soon grew bigger than that. We realised that there is more to being an all round DIVA. Through our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, as well as our regular interaction with girls and women across the country, we soon saw the need to expand our scope, to discuss more topics that make us better women, that makes us better DIVA’s.

    And so, we are very excited to launch our website on this special day of Nigeria’s Independence – October 1st! DIVA Diaries is more than just a website or an online community. We are committed to bring you Inspiration, Period Tips & Advice for every DIVA.

    We promise it would be an exciting journey. From Beauty to Style, Inspiration, Family, Relationships and more, we would regularly educate and engage you with interesting content. We call it a ‘Diary’ because we want this to be a place where you can be free to share those topics or ask those questions that bother you. The category called ‘Your Diary’ is simply yours! Here you can input Diary entries and ask questions.

    To get in touch, simply send an email to info@divapads.com, or CLICK HERE

    So, let’s get started. What do you think about our new website? What topics would you like to discuss here? We’d love to hear from you.