body postureGood posture is important to maintain a healthy mind and body. When you practise correct posture, your body is in alignment with itself.

Young people develop bad posture unconsciously, mostly, as a result of common trends they emulate when standing, walking or even taking pictures! The consequences of bad postures are back or neck pain, headaches, and fatigue. A good posture is only for your good health, it also affects your bearing and self-confidence.

Stand up straight
Stand up and look in a mirror. Check out which areas are preventing you from standing up straight. Are your shoulders slouched forward? Is your head down? Is your back bent? Straighten out whatever is slouching and observe the difference.
Your ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles should make one straight line. Relax your shoulders and slightly bend your knees — you don’t want to look like a robot. If you’re standing for a long period of time, make sure to continue shifting your weight every so often.
If you’re bending down to pick up something, bend your knees and hips; don’t bend down and grab the object with just your waist.

Sit back, relax
The next step in how to improve your posture is to use a high, firm chair with a high back. Make sure to sit with your hips as far back against the back of the chair as possible, and keep your knees at hip level (or a little lower).
If your back is not getting the support it needs from the back of the chair, or you find it difficult to stay against the back of the chair, and then try placing a pillow or a towel to support your lower back.

Sleep tight
Always sleep on a firm mattress. Don’t sleep on your stomach. If you do, place a pillow under your waist (no, someone’s hand or chest doesn’t count).
Sleep on your back or side. If on your back, then you can place a small pillow under your knees; and if on your side, then place a small pillow between your knees. This is not a must, but it may help you maintain a straight back.
If you must use a pillow, use a pillow for your head that keeps your head aligned (at the same level) with the rest of your body.

The major part of maintaining proper posture is reminding yourself to stand and sit straight — and this is the hardest part. Use these little tips to make sure you don’t cheat:
Tell your friends: They can serve as your support system and they will be glad to elbow you when you’re caught slouching.
Feel the results: Keep looking at the difference between good posture and the one you see in the mirror to really visualise the work to be done.
Exercising often, especially your back and abs, and staying disciplined will reap great physical rewards.
With good posture, you will be more confident — and you’ll have all the reasons in the world to stand tall and be proud.