virginityMany questions are being asked everyday concerning the pains or benefits of abstaining from sex. In religious environment, young women are advised to abstain until marriage however, many believe there will be adverse effects if a grown woman abstains and does not engage in sexual activity.

Here are some myths and facts about Virginity and how it affects the health.

MYTH: Losing Your Virginity will relieve you of Menstrual Pain
FACT: Losing your virginity would not help your menstrual pain. Sexual intercourse doesn’t make menstrual problems better. Like many young women, you found that your periods were OK to start with. But after a year or two, they became painful. However, as she gets a little older, then she begins to ovulate and ovulatoary cycles are often accompanied by quite a lot of pain.

MYTH: You can’t get pregnant or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) the first time.
FACT: Yes, you can actually get pregnant or sexually transmitted infections the first time especially if you have unprotected sex.

MYTH: Delayed Virginity Causes Infertility
FACT: You may have heard that if you stay a virgin for too long, you won’t be able to have kids. That is absolutely wrong. Being a virgin now will not hurt your chances of having a family later on. In fact, it increases your chances of not having STIs that can make it hard—or impossible—to get pregnant when you’re older.