coupleIt is almost impossible for a relationship to go on smoothly without issues every once in a while, but when you and your partner argue and quarrel more than you are friends then something needs to be done.

In a failing relationship, there are only two options its either you let go or you try to save your sinking boat. If you prefer the later to the former, here are some tips that can help you save your troubled relationship.

REFLECT: Think about how your relationship was in the past, how it used to be before everything changed. Take a walk and try to figure out what actually went wrong, perhaps your boyfriend lost his job or one of you was unfaithful. When you know the root of the problem them you’d be able to tackle it.

HAVE A SINCERE CONVERSATION WITH YOUR PARTNER: Communication is the key to all relationships. Sit your partner down and have a good chat with him/her. Talk about the problems you are having in your relationship and ask what he/she thinks about it. The cause of the problem in your relationship and what can be done about it.

BE BLUNT: This is very important, after reflecting and figuring out what the problem is, when you are having a conversation with your partner, be blunt. Get right to it, if your partner has been spending too much time with his/her friends, spit it out. Let him or her know you are feeling abandoned. It could be that you are not satisfied sexually, don’t beat about the bush without saying how you really feel.

LEARN TO APOLOGIZE: Now, after finding your faults and deciding if the relationship is worth fixing. Apologize to your partner and if your partner is at fault, demand an apology. Saying sorry does not mean you are weak or stupid, it only shows you are remorseful and ready to make changes.

RECONNECT: After deciding you still want to be together, try to reconnect and find new interests in your partner. Spend more time together and make it up to your partner.