pregnancy testThe best time to get pregnant is determined by the specifics of the menstrual cycle of each woman. There are days in such cycle when the uterus releases an egg through the Fallopian tubes, i.e. ovulation occurs. This period is often called a “fertile window“. It falls into the middle of the cycle if chronic diseases of the genital organs are excluded.

It is known that the egg lives 24 hours, it is the time of the highest probability to get pregnant. However, early appearance or little delay (1-2 days) is normal, the period when you can get pregnant is increasing and is about 5-6 days (3 days before the expected ovulation and 3 days after).

Other days are the time when you have very low chances of getting pregnant unless your have the cycle issues.

If you are trying to conceive, here are some tips you should take into consideration:

1. Eat healthily and enough, mind that you have enough nutrients to provide fertility
2. Don’t worry – your body understands any type of anxiety as a signal that the situation is out of control and it’s better not to conceive
3. This may sound cruel, but make sure you’ve chosen the right partner. The better the emotional bond between the partners is, the better the chemistry works.
4. Listen to your heart and body! Your ovulation calendar may be wrong and constant basal temperature testing kills the romance – you are naturally more interested in sex at the peak of ovulation
5. Do sports! The healthier and more prepared your body feels the better hormones it produces to increase your fertility. But don’t overwork: too much load may lead to the opposite result.
6. Give your ovaries a rest – your gynecologist may prescribe a course of oral contraceptives and you can easily get pregnant in a month after the withdrawal.
7. Get fit, if you have obesity. Obesity is no healthy and your body will not respond with great fertility rates.
8. Go on a trip! As mentioned above – it gives good results.

Good luck!