menstrual-cycelThe menstruation cycle is a series of natural processes that your body goes through to prepare for pregnancy. Your period cycle is controlled by hormones, which rise and fall at different stages. Menstruation cycle length is around 28 days. All women are different, so your own period cycle length may be shorter or longer.

Cycle Starts

Your body: The first day of your period is the start of your cycle. Your uterus lining breaks down and you begin menstruation.

You: During menstruation you may feel a bit low and have aches or pains, have a look at our Facebook Page for some easy feel-good tips.


Your body: Two weeks later your ovaries release an egg, and your uterus thickens. This is ovulation.

You: You are most likely to get pregnant at this time of the month, so take care and remember to use contraception.

Cycle Ends

Your body: If the egg is not fertilized it will leave your body, and menstruation begins.

You: Choosing the right hygiene product will help you manage your period. We recommend DIVA Sanitary Pad as the best solution for women, check it out.