career tips

Happiness within the modern workplace is sure improving. Women talk less about discrimination, and are getting closer to equal pay regardless of gender. But that doesn’t mean that female workers are thriving unhindered. The big difference is that these days, the barrier to advancing is more likely to be self-constructed. Yes, that’s right… your own worst workplace nemesis is YOURSELF.

Maybe it’s a lack of confidence to make demands for things you believe you deserve… maybe you’re risk-averse, and inclined to hand over the high-profile and high-visibility assignments to a junior colleague.  But more than ever, each of us is a brand, in competition with other brands, and in order to succeed, it’s important to learn to stop getting in your own way; to create your own path.


You’ve got your money-making idea… now you just need a road map to ensure success. From how to draft a business plan to landing interested investors, you should learn the basics of beginning your entrepreneurial journey.

The more thorough it is, the smoother your start will be. One key component you’ll want to analyze as closely as possible is your company’s projected financials. You need to consider two types of costs: fixed (rent, utilities, administrative costs, insurance, etc.) and variable (product inventory, shipping, packaging, etc.). Write them all down to see what kind of money you’ll need.


Many women think that knowing the market ‘value’ of a job will earn them more money. Wrong. Simply telling your manager that you heard that your friend makes 20k more somewhere else won’t get you a raise. There is a range of numbers. It’s your job to be at the top of the range. To do that, you need to convince the company you are worth it.

Companies have a choice when determining how to pay people. There are guidelines but there is lots of wiggle room within these guidelines. Your goal is to be paid in the upper end. Increase your value. Leverage your powerhouse personality and earn more money.

Once you determine your powerhouse personality, you can better leverage your perception. Using the information you gathered about your company’s compensation programs, leverage your strengths. The goal is to convince the decision-makers that the value of your contributions warrants higher pay. Think of your perception like a stock price. Positive perception increases your stock price while negative perception decreases your stock price. Your goal is to act in a way that increases your stock price. The way each powerhouse personality acts varies. Approaching your manager, responding to offers or negotiating employment agreements will vary based on the company’s compensation approach each powerhouse personality’s strengths.


On a final note, once you have something to teach, become a mentor to someone else. Mentors get nearly as much from being teachers as their students do from being mentored. You may be afraid to give those below you too much good advice, for fear of being replaced. That’s a common fear. But being able to tap into the younger worker’s brain, community, and connections is invigorating.