Rivalry 5

Welcome back people! Sure you’ve been good? We apologize for having aroused your curiousity but you must know that in order to effectively assimilate what this series is about, you ought to take in the context of the feature bit by bit. So… here goes;

In the Issue #1 (Are Your Kids Always Fighting?), we reeled out a concise intro on the ‘Sibling Rivalry’ phenomenon; as well one of the factors/reasons behind kids (siblings) fighting. Well, here, you get more reasons; so sit back and enjoy;

Why Do Kids Fight?

Individual Temperaments
Your kids’ individual temperaments — including mood, disposition, and adaptability — and their unique personalities play a large role in how well they get along. For example, if one child is laid back and another is easily rattled, they may often get into it. Similarly, a child who is especially clingy and drawn to parents for comfort and love might be resented by siblings who see this and want the same amount of attention.

Special Needs
Sometimes, a child’s special needs due to illness or learning/emotional issues may require more parental time. Other kids may pick up on this disparity and act out to get attention or out of fear of what’s happening to the other child.

Role Models
The way that parents resolve problems and disagreements sets a strong example for kids. So if you and your spouse work through conflicts in a way that’s respectful, productive, and not aggressive, you increase the chances that your children will adopt those tactics when they run into problems with one another. If your kids see you routinely shout, slam doors, and loudly argue when you have problems, they’re likely to pick up those bad habits themselves.

Hey… still curious? Well, good news! There is more where those came from. All you just got to do is look out for the next issue on the series and in it you will get more on the issue. Most importantly, we plan to address the issue of what adults and parents can do when the situation of fighting siblings arise. So, make it a point to watch out for it! Ciao!