ObsessionWhile it is okay for girls to associate with boys and even go as far as having them as close and special friends, being obsessive about them means that a girl is overly concerned about meeting boys and getting a boyfriend. To her, having a boyfriend is more important than anything else. She is preoccupied with watching them to the exclusion of everything else.

This kinds of girls are what you might want to call ‘boy crazy’. Some indulge in it because they need a lot of attention that they aren’t getting at home, especially from their fathers. Others need boys to provide some of the needs they think they can’t get for themselves. Examples of such needs are; Security (preferably huge, muscular guys); Social status (he is on the football team) and Independence (he has got a car and his parents are rich, so he can buy me a lot of things).

Girls who are often this obsessive have not developed their own identity and don’t have a life of their own. Unfortunately, these girls don’t invest their time in finding out who they are and don’t develop their own abilities and interests. Instead, they give up their own development for the pursuit of boys. Sadly, girls who are boy crazy just don’t think they are as important as their need for a boyfriend.

There is a lot of pressure that comes with having to hook up with a guy among teenage girls. There’s a hidden message in our society that a girl is not OK if she is not interested in a relationship with a guy. In fact, for most teenage girls, having a boyfriend really boosts their self-confidence. But having a boyfriend shouldn’t be the only way to feel happy and secure. Girls who are addicted are driven to have a boyfriend as if their lives depended on it. They forget about finding other ways to make themselves feel important and valuable, and as stated earlier, they often lose out on developing their interests, talents, and friendships with other girls.

Dear DIVA, if you have a friend who falls within this category of boyfriend-obsessed girls, you should try talking to her and make her realise that she should be proud of herself. You can also refer her to some of our frequent inspirational features and tips where she is sure to get some good advice.

Keep being a DIVA!