Eating on a plane

As you’re settling into your seat on a flight, the person next to you pulls out an elaborate meal whose odor immediately assaults your senses and soon fills up the entire cabin. The smell lingers for all eight hours of the flight. It’s beyond inconsiderate. The total lack of respect or regard for other people exhibited by bringing something like a tuna fish sandwich on board an airplane is downright rude.

It’s no secret that cramped quarters on planes are becoming even tighter, making any semblance of personal space a thing of the past.

This confluence of events — fewer in-flight meals, more food available in the airports and closer in-flight quarters — has created the perfect storm for bringing offensive food onboard. If your taste buds are diminished anyway while you’re flying, can’t you do everyone around you a favour and wait till later for that tuna fish sandwich or any of these:

Canned Fish –  Need we explain? Opening a can of tuna, salmon, herring (or whatever fish) often requires holding one’s breath or using a clothes peg. Breath mint anyone? Tuna salad, on the other hand, is one of the most distinctly awful foods to bring on a plane.

Chilli – We love chilli as much as the next guy, but we don’t need to smell it for four hours after somebody else eats it. Meaty or vegetarian, the spices can give off an overpowering aroma that will linger in the air and may ruin chilli forever.

Sushi – As good as it tastes, salmon sushi and sashimi is stinky. Add wasabi to it and you’ve really killed the mood.

Egg – If you want the whole plane to smell like a rotting dumpster, by all means, enjoy your egg salad/sandwich/egg … or better still … don’t!

Yoghurt – This is a tough one, but the smell of yoghurt can be nauseating if you’re not the one eating it. Do us all a favour and eat it before you get on the plane.

Chips – A few chips is fine. A few chips can be great! But the incessant hours of crunching that come with a super sized bag of chips can really wear on the passenger sitting at your side.

You seriously don’t want to just say, “I don’t care!” and ignore all said. That will only be selfish of you… so, please, for every passenger’s sake, be considerate… Do not bring this on an air-flight!

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