Career ChoiceDaniella, a 20-year old Nigerian student is of the opinion that having to chose a lifetime career out of the many options available has actually landed her in a maze of confusion from which she can’t seem to get out. It seemed to her few years back that everything was alright; not until she recently discovered that she had only been running round in circles.

One thing I find most intriguing about Daniella’s story is the fact that this smart young lady has all along been holding to the shimmer of hope which helps her believe that her present situation is only part of her destiny and that she will definitely triumph in the end. Now People, this Spirit is what I want to wrap this story around.

According to Daniella, she had only two friends in High School with whom she formed a sort of caucus they called The Trinity. They resolved that they would go through life together, travelling the same path and if fate would have it, die together. None of them even took a moment to think about personal interests… they lost it there and then!

As it turned out they all agreed to study Medicine. Unfortunately, in their High School final year, one of them relocated abroad with her family and the other one died in a ghastly auto accident. Mission Impossible and terminated, Daniella’s life turned upside-down. This was where we met!

Now, Daniella is confused and frustrated. She confided in me that after sitting for 5 consecutive University Matriculation Examinations, she has lost the will to go on with life. She even admits that she regrets going into such covenant and believes she is more of an Art-inclined person. Daniella is only holding on to that thin thread called LIFE. And we all know that ‘Where there is life, there is HOPE’.

So, what do you suggest Daniella should do? This is an opportunity to save a young mind on the verge of complete psychological annihilation. Let’s put heads together to suggest a way out for Daniella from this maze of confusion she is stuck in. Play your part… CONTRIBUTE NOW!