mother 2

Raising kids is hard work… We all know that kids are noisy, messy and incredibly demanding. Yes, you will lose your patience once in a while… everyone does. But for the most part, try to take a deep breath and see them for the small, helpless people that they are. You might not be a patient person by nature, but motherhood will definitely teach you to be more patient than you ever thought you could possibly be.

Welcome back to ‘The Better Mom Series’. Just as we did in Part One , we will be treating more tips on how to become a better mother. So, let’s go;

Try To Listen
We tend to assume that we know more than our kids do, which is true to some extent of course, so we don’t really bother to listen. In addition, we often act as problem-solvers, dishing immediate advice, when all they need is for us to listen to them. These are a mother’s own words; A couple of months ago, my 8 years old told me about problems she was having with friends at school. I immediately offered a solution, and it was obvious she was disappointed. She wasn’t looking for a solution. She simply wanted me to listen.

Set Limits
In a way, it was easy for previous generations. Parents were parents. Kids were kids. Families were patriarchal. Everyone listened and obeyed the father. Now, families are democratic. We negotiate, talk things over, and listen to each other. We make important decisions together. This is great, but kids still need us to be their parents and set clear limits. We should listen to them and respect them – but we are not their peers.

Teach Them Simplicity
You will do them a huge favor, if you teach them at a young age to avoid associating happiness with the accumulation of material possessions. The younger they are, the more likely they are to listen to you, so start early.

It’s not all that difficult when yo set your mind to doing it. Good news! Stick to the tips you’ve gotten from series in both parts and your are set to being a better mom! Great still is the fact that there is one more issue on the series. Oh yes! Part Three will be coming soon… so, watch out for it! Till then, stay great!