Black mother hugging son outdoors

As a Mom, it’s easy to become so absorbed in the logistics of taking care of your kids that you forget to relax and have fun. But kids are fun. They give you a wonderful opportunity to be a child all over again, and to do things that you never thought you would do as an adult, as well as see the world through their innocent, curious eyes. These are experiences you get only when you attain ‘The Better Mom’ level.

This is the last issue on the series and we welcome you very dearly and appreciate your being a part of the final piece on this topic. However, you can always catch up on the two previous parts; Part One and Part Two. That said, shall we proceed;

Self Esteem
High self-esteem is the single most important gift that a parent can give their kids. A person with a high self-esteem values herself and will not get into, or stay in, an abusive relationship. A person with high self-esteem is more likely to be happy and to reach her full potential. How do you teach your kids self-esteem? By showing them that you value them, by spending time with them, and by talking with them and listening to them.

Self Reliance
It’s very tempting to help your children in a way that robs them of the opportunity to help themselves. At every developmental stage your child reaches, she can do things by herself. If you do them for her, you are not really helping her, but rather holding her back. Gently teach her independence and let her do what she can do, and what is appropriate for her to do, by herself. The sense of accomplishment that comes with being independent is immensely important for a child.

Whether you’re a parent or not, do you have any tips for doing it all and keeping your sanity? Do you ever feel guilty because you are not giving 100% to any single aspect of your life? Well, you can always share your own thoughts with the group. Ciao!