Bethany Mota

Although you may not know her, Bethany Mota is actually a teenage fashion superstar. Bethany Mota, an 18-year-old YouTube personality from California, U.S  has built herself a media and fashion empire all from the comfort of her Northern California bedroom.

Home-schooled as a child, Bethany entered public school in junior high Hollister France  but decided it wasn’t for her after a devastating bout of cyber-bullying in 2009. Bored, lonely and looking for an outlet, she redirected her energy into an unexpected hobby: creating YouTube videos for girls just like her that offered make-up tips and fashion advice, among other things.

Now with her own clothing line, Bethany’s rising stardom goes far beyond her ‘MACBARBIE07 YouTube channel’ that’s generating an estimated Dr Dre Beats Pro $40,000 per month and has garnered over 300 million views since she launched it. She is an inspiration to teens all over the world, most especially those who have ever struggled with boredom, shyness and bullying.

Growing an audience in the competitive online beauty community was no easy task for then-14-year-old Bethany. Without stylists, camera operators or video editors, Bethany was – and still is – a one-girl team, shooting, editing and uploading the videos herself. More than anything, she credits being engaged with her audience for her Dr Dre Beats Studio early success.

“Every time I post a video I make sure to go to the comment section, and I reply to their comments,” she says. “I really utilize all of my social networking sites.” It was when Bethany hit her first 100 views that she realized she was on to something. “I just couldn’t  Dr Dre Beats Solo HD 2.0  believe there were 100 people out there listening to me. It was Beats By Dre Studio  a great feeling.”

Today, barely five years after MACBARBIE07’s debut, Bethany has more than 5.5 million channel subscribers and 2.4 million fans on Instagram. That’s more than many other fashion channels combined.

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