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    I’ve had brown discharge for two months

    I’ve had a vaginal discharge for the past two months. It is brown in colour with small clots. I feel pain as if I am going to have a period and a bloated feeling but no odour. The discharge is not heavy but sometimes the small clots are black.

    A brown discharge is usually a blood discharge. If the bleeding is quite slight it takes longer to reach the outside world and turns from red or black to brown in the process. Such bleeding can be caused by all kinds of things – most commonly infections and erosions (these are raw patches on the cervix).

    There are many other possibilities and the only way to find out what is causing it is to go and see your Doctor and get examined or referred to a gynaecologist for examination. This is not going to go away by itself so go and get it attended to. Most of the possible causes are extremely easily treated.