Girl-GuyWhile society still tends to see the male as the ‘leader’ in pursuing the female, you keep asking yourself this question over and over. Well, this question is a real good one… you probably have no idea just how many other girls have the same question. It is also good to know that you have taken a moment to ‘think before you leap’… thumbs up! Times have changed, and girls are increasingly more assertive in pursuing what they want. When you are old enough to start dating and are thinking about asking a boy out… sure, why not? If it makes you happy, then go for it!

It’s important to remember that boys can be nervous, too. They often feel just as scared about asking a girl out. The boy might be interested in you but is too shy to ask. If you ask, he might say yes. If he says no, it’ll hurt for a while but then you’ll get over it. Everyone does. And nobody really gets through life without being rejected sometimes.

To do this, you might want to take a moment to think about how you might feel if you are the one being asked out because some boys will feel the same way. No matter how old you are, if there is a guy you are interested in, it’s easier to start with a friendship. Many romances start as friendships, so later on your friendship can become something more. Instead of going out just the two of you, try getting together with him in a small group of friends. Hang out with him, and see if you really like him.

Some girls think they are being too forward or ‘pushy’ if they ask a boy out, but this is more a question of your style. More and more, it is common practice for anyone to ask anyone else out regardless of whether it is the boy or the girl asking. It can be a sign of maturity that you know what you like and are willing to ask for it. Some boys feel flattered when asked out. And then, of course, there are those old-fashioned guys who just won’t like it. But those guys are probably not right for you anyway.

Sure your friends might tease you a little, but then, they’ll be happy that you did it. Why? Well, they may not tell you but they will use you as a model, since you’ve made them see how easy it could get, just in case they also want to do it!

So DIVA’s, do you agree with me?

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