dv1325066How would describe your relationship with your pet? Think about the question for a moment before you answer. Do you think of your pet as a family member? As an adopted child? As a friend? Do you have a respectful relationship with your pet? Do you feel like you need to lead your pet or dominate him? Are you constantly saying “NO”? Do you ask your pet to perform a behavior, command him or cue him? And the big one; Do all these really matter?

Oh yeah… it does matter. We love animals. We own them or know people who do. And we think they deserve affection in bundles. But sometimes that affection can cross the line from cute to high-functioning crazy. Pampering your cat might go down the wrong way if a new survey is to be believed, as a study has revealed that being held or stroked for too long can be very stressful for some cats.

According to the survey, more than half of cat owners are unaware of the stress being over-cuddled can give their pet. Space and peace is often what cats need. They are not small furry humans, so what would comfort us will not necessarily comfort them. Owners love their animals and want them to be happy but the research has now highlighted a lack of understanding. Another survey also showed that owners still have a lot to learn about their pets, as 55% of pet owners did not realize that making their pets live with another pet can be stressful.

Pets like to have their food on time and sleep in fixed times. If you start to change that schedule to fit into your working hours, you may land up with an annoyed pet. This also includes arriving home from work at odd hours. So, always have established routines around the pet.

Don’t continue reading or walk away when your pet is trying to get your attention. Even if you may think he’s just excited, he could be actually trying to sound the alarm over something or simply saying he wants to go out.

Don’t gaze into your cats eyes, it will irritate him or her to no end. Did you know that cats make use of long eye contact as a way to show aggression. Instead, look at the cat then slowly blink, which will let it know that you are not a threat.

If you are going to give your dog an old shoe to play with and chew on and then get really annoyed with him for chewing on your new ones, it’s your mistake. Dogs are not able to differentiate between old and new and getting angry this way with them will leave them stressed.

Dogs are sociable animals, sure. But making them ‘hold out their paw’ to new neighbours or interact with your friends is a no-no. They may shy away out of being scared or uncomfortable around a new person, so give them their own time to come around.