christmas partyThe yuletide season is a time devoted to family reunions, merry-making and giving back. But it’s also a time that can be stressful.

The festive season is usually characterized by increased criminal activity. Please find below useful security tips to mitigate against unwanted risks.

1. Personal Security
• Keep a low profile, blend in and be alert to developments in your environment.
• Avoid known crime-prone areas and black spots.
• Avoid routine pattern of movements and late night outings. The more predictable your movements and schedules are, to and from places of leisure, entertainment, worship, shopping, schooling, the easier it is for a kidnapper to plan and execute your abduction.
• Avoid undue exposure, inclusive of your family members.
• Save emergency numbers on your phone with speed dial for easy call in an emergency.
• Regularly review your personal security, the security around your home, and your spouse’s business premises.

2. Whether traveling by automobile or airplane, remember that everyone especially children should be buckled up at all times.

3. Beware of fraud, swindles and scams that target unwitting revelers.
Scams abound when the money and cheer are flowing. Everyone wants to share goodwill and good tidings, so it’s easy to be taken advantage of at this time. Also, with more online transactions taking place, there’s a corresponding rise in criminal behavior over the internet involving fraud and scams.

4. When shopping for presents at the mall and riding on an escalator, children should stand facing forward, always hold the handrail, never touch the sides or sit on the stairs. Make sure all coats, buttons, shoes and hoods are properly fastened before boarding the escalator. Before boarding an elevator, and make sure doors are properly opened. Never try to stop a closing elevator with anything.

5. Please DO NOT DRIVE AFTER DRINKING ALCOHOL!!!!. Let someone else drive you home or better still, call a cab.

6. Beware of strangers approaching you for any reason. Con-artists may try various methods of distracting you with the intention of taking your money or belongings.

7. Avoid taking large sums of money to/from the bank or directing employees to do so. Employ a reputable security service to handle deposits to financial institutions or seek the assistance of the Police. Persons using Automated Teller Machines are also urged to be vigilant and protect their debit/credit card information.

Stay safe this Christmas.