staying comfortable during your periodYes, it’s that time of the month when your hormones go on overdrive and you lose control over your emotions. You snap at the slightest provocation, you cry easily, you feel like you have bloated to twice your normal size and generally tend to believe that an alien has invaded your body for around 3-5 days.

You experience all kinds of aches and pains, with the stomach and lower back giving you much trouble. You lose sleep and appetite and wish that you could somehow just get past these horrible days. It’s the time you get your periods. It can make life hell for some. Only a fortunate few have it easy. And for those who have to live with the post menstrual problems and the pains during the periods, here are a few tips on how to stay comfortable.

1. Wear loose fitting clothes
When you have your periods, it is time you chose comfort over style. Forget those skinny jeans and tight t shirts. You need to let your body breathe, especially your stomach. Try to wear loose fitting clothes that keep you comfortable and let you move easily. You don’t have to look bad, just be comfortable. Since baggy clothes are in this season, you should have no trouble looking great too.

2. Take a nap when you feel like it
Your sleep patterns will change. There are some who may not be able to sleep well at all. In such cases you need to take a nap whenever you feel like it. Even if you are at work, it is important to get a few minutes of shut eye, if you want to have a trouble free productive day.

3. Take a hot shower
It is normal to have that icky feeling. A hot shower will not only make you feel clean, but will also help soothe the aches and pains that accompany your periods. It will also relax you a lot and help you sleep better.

4. Reduce your salt intake a few days before you get your periods
Your body becomes bloated during your periods because of water retention. If you could bring down your salt intake a few days before your onset of periods you can bring down the bloating to an extent.

5. Do not stress yourself by exercising a lot
If you are someone who exercises everyday and have a rigorous training schedule, you need to slow down a bit during your periods. That does not imply that you need to sit all day. You can still walk and do a few mild exercises. Stop exercising a lot if it causes you more discomfort and pain.

6. Try yoga or other breathing exercises
It is easy to lose your temper and you cannot go around explaining to everyone why you are being so rude. So for your own comfort and for others to feel peaceful, try yoga or other breathing exercises to calm and relax your mind.

7. Avoid red meat and drink more hot fluids
Red meat is said to cause heavy bleeding and stomach aches in many women. It is best to avoid it. Also try drinking Green tea or Raspberry tea. A lot of women swear by their relaxing abilities. Hot water too helps to an extent in relaxing your body and stomach.