manicureHaving perfectly polished nails that last the whole week sounds impossible to many until gel manicures came into our world, and many of us flocked to nail salons and had our digits treated with industrial strength polish. Sadly, this is not something we can afford to do every single time. Lucky for you, we found ways to make your traditional manicure last;

Do the dirty work first: Do the chores before getting a manicure, or if you’re heading to a nail salon, don’t wear or bring anything with zippers because they might catch on your freshly painted digits.

Bare Nails: Make sure your nails are really bare prior to application by swiping off oil, water, lotion, old polish, and other residue from your nails with a cotton ball soaked in acetone remover.

Be Thorough: Never skip top coat and base coat. Base coat protects your nails from getting discolored and they make your manicure last longer. Top coat, on the other hand, acts as a protective film for your painted nails. This duo is a safer alternative to gel manicures in salons – you get the staying power without the exposure to UV lighting.

Go For Quality Polish: Cheat your way into prolonging your manicure’s life by choosing glittery polishes or nude nail lacquers. Glitter lacquers stay on for a longer period of time, and nude shades, if they do chip, won’t be as obvious.

Finally, reinforce your top coat. Refresh your top coat every now and then by painting on a new coat very two to three days. Also, keep in mind to paint a strip on the edge of the nails, as it is the most susceptible to chipping.