teen girlMost girls feel shy and unsure of themselves during puberty. When the body is changing and lots of things are happening to the body, it is not abnormal to feel insecure and embarrassed. However, you should not allow these changes to affect your progress or how you fare.

Read these tips to learn how to be confident and bold during this vulnerable stage.

1. Its Nature! Yes, it’s nature, you have to accept that it is not caused by you and cannot be controlled by you. Puberty is what you must go through, whether you are cool with it or not. Nature must take its course.

2. You are not alone: Every one will pass through this stage, male and female. Nobody is immune to puberty, every woman is expected to menstruate. You’re not the only one going through this. Your mom’s been through it, and odds are your friends and classmates are probably starting to go through it, too.

3. It’s Healthy: Puberty is a sign that every thing is well with your body, it shows you are healthy. If at age twelve or thirteen you haven’t seen any sign of puberty, you will have to see a doctor. So, it’s not something to be worried about, your body is changing and your growing is sign of a healthy body.

4. Learn to love yourself: When you are going through puberty changes, you may doubt yourself and attractiveness.  Of course you are going to wonder this about your breasts, your period, your vagina, your hair, eyebrows, pretty much everything! You have to accept that you are normal. In fact, the absence of puberty changes actually means you are abnormal and different from every other person. So you should love yourself and be happy you are growing and normal like every other person.