heavy-bleedingIt is very difficult to determine whether your bleeding is too heavy. The best guide is to decide whether your period is impacting on your quality of life, causing you to be housebound, interrupting your daily activities or causing you stress and anxiety.

The following signs may indicate you are experiencing heavy bleeding:

1. Bleeding or ‘flooding’ not contained within a pad/tampon (especially wearing the largest size)
2. Changing a pad/tampon every hour or less
3. Changing a pad overnight
4. Clots greater than a 50 cent piece in size
5. Bleeding for more than 7-8 days
6. How can heavy bleeding affect you?

You may:

1. feel fatigued, exhausted, dizzy and look pale
2. have low iron levels because of the blood loss
3. have cramping and pain in the lower abdomen
4. have to change sanitary products very frequently
5. fear bleeding through to your clothes and this affects your daily activities