A girl can never have too many shoes. Shoes, like humans need proper care and this short and sweet guide we have compiled for you is enough to make your shoe collection last a long time. Below are tricks that have been tested and discovered to keep shoes looking brand and sparkling new all the time. Enjoy!

Wear Stockings
When feet are in direct contact with the insoles, sweat and odor are easily absorbed by the shoe. Wearing socks will prevent them from getting dirty and smelly.

Frequent Cleaning
Buff leather shoes with a leather shoe shine or try using cleansing oil to clean them up. For canvas and fabric shoes, a foam cleanser is enough tp remove stains from the surface. Lather your pair with a gentle foam cleanser, and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Deodorize them
Place a cotton ball soaked in tea tree or rosemary oil inside your shoes to prevent odor. Alternatively, you can crumple old newspaper and place it inside. A little dusting of baking soda also works wonders.

Have Alternatives
Let your favorite pair of shoes rest. Like anything (or anyone) else, when it is used and abused, it will become tired and worn-out faster.

On a final note, don’t keep your shoes on the shelves for a long period of time. When you neglect wearing a pair for too long, especially the synthetic leather ones, the glue becomes loose, and the leatherette breaks apart. If you can’t wear them out, clean them or wear them inside the house at least once a month.

DIVA’s, do you have any other tips to share?