teen styleGirls always imagine that they’ll return to school looking a million times better than they did in the previous year. But drastic changes can end up seeming fake, instead, a girl might incorporate a bit of edginess with more subtle changes, such as bold accessories or black winged eyeliner. Most Teens are influenced by celebrities and they look to them for inspiration, not just for special occasions like school parties, but just for everyday looks.

However, more than ever, teens are embracing their unique features too. Lots of girls are really embracing everything that makes their beauty different and unique. They are expressing that in such a positive way that others embrace it as well. There’s a lot of positivity happening with teen girls today that’s incredible to watch.

Cool hair doesn’t have to be pricey. There’s so much in the market that you can buy and do yourself at home… It is more about knowing how to use these home colours and wearing affordable, natural-looking synthetic hair extensions, especially for special occasions.

Communication is a little trickier sometimes with younger people. They’re not always comfortable being honest. But honesty will get a better result. Think about your lifestyle before considering a new look – how much time and upkeep will a new look take?

Don’t be afraid to try new things, as long as your style is genuinely you. If wearing your hair in a crazy bun is what you want to do, wear it that way. If wearing an Afro is what you want to do, do it. But be comfortable with who you are because if you go in feeling uncomfortable about the way you look then it’s easy for people to get to you. It leaves you vulnerable. So as long as you are comfortable you’ll be fine.