You want to look and feel your best when you slip into your wedding dress, and sometimes that means switching up your routine a bit. Bridal make-up needs to have enough colour to compensate for the whiteness of the dress. After all, there’s a big difference between everyday clothes and a wedding dress, so there should also be a difference between your looks before your wedding and the one for your wedding.

First Off, if you really want a radiant smile in your wedding photos, whitening your teeth can make a big difference. If your dentist offers an in-office whitening procedure, book an appointment at least two weeks before the big day to avoid post-bleaching gum sensitivity. At-home whitening treatments like strips and gels can also work wonders. To maintain a bright smile, avoid stain-causing foods and drinks like blueberries, black coffee, and red wine.

Sniffing out a pretty wedding-day perfume will be one of the most delicious parts of your journey. You’ll want to try plenty of options (plus you’ll need leave enough time to see how they wear through the day) so it’s best to start experimenting at least four weeks before the big day.

Salty snacks are notorious for causing water retention, and even the slightest bit of bloat can wreak major havoc on you expertly-tailored wedding dress. Instead, add more water-rich fruits and fresh veggies to your diet. Keep a water bottle with you in the days leading up to your wedding and guzzle your way to glowing skin. Studies show water works wonders for both your complexion and energy level.

Your body and skin repairs itself while you’re sleeping, so make sure you’re logging at least eight hours a night in the days leading up to your wedding. A good night of sleep not only leads to a better complexion, it helps with destressing too. You can even book a last-minute massage to ensure a blissful trip down the aisle.

Finally, if you have a blemish or breakout just before your wedding day, keep your hands away from your face – the spot will heal more neatly if you leave it alone.