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    DIVA Answers ” I Don’t Want To Get Pregnant”

    Hello Diva, I don’t want to get pregnant but when is the best time for me to have sex without using any protection? My partner is tired of using condoms and I don’t want to use pills due to its disadvantages. Please I need your help.

    Women ovulate roughly in the middle between when they start one period, an when the next period starts. So if yours is 28 days, you’d ovulate around day 14. The day you start period is called 1st day. Your cycle is 28 days which means your next period is expected on 28th day. Deduct 14 from 28 it is the ovulation day, it means ovulation will take place on 14th day. However, you are fertile anything from the 13th to 17th day.

    Many women will have a clear discharge around this time which is how you know. After you ovulate is generally when its safe to have sex, because the egg only lasts about 24 hrs (but you should still use protection!) Sperm can survive for up to 5 days, so if you have sex 5 days before you ovulate, you can still get pregnant.

    Also, some months you’ll ovulate on different days, and some people can even ovulate twice a month, or during their period, so calculating like this is not 100% fool proof and you should always use protection.