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    DIVA Answers: “I Am Pregnant And I Have A Boil In My Vagina”

    I have a hard boil beside my vagina and I’m 21 weeks pregnant. It’s been there for like 5 days now. It’s not painful but strong, no itching or discharge. Please what do I do?

    If you develop a boil on your vagina, don’t try to squeeze, pop or lance it yourself. It’s not necessary and doing so usually just makes the pain and inflammation worse and it can also spread the infection. Most boils will go away within a week or two without doing anything to them.

    If you have a boil that’s causing severe pain, if it doesn’t go away after two weeks, if it seems particularly large (it’s difficult to measure a boil in your vagina, but if a boil is wider then two or three fingertips it would be considered pretty large), if you have a fever or other symptoms of illness when you have a boil, or if you repeatedly get boils, you should see your doctor. There’s no need to feel embarrassed about having a vaginal boil. Your doctor has almost certainly seen boils in the genital area before and they are not an indication or poor hygiene or anything like that. You can see either your primary care physician or your gynecologist about a boil on your vagina.

    If you need to see your doctor about a boil on vagina, he or she may prescribe antibiotics or may recommend lancing and draining the boil. If a vaginal boil needs to be lanced and drained, your doctor can give you a local anesthetic first so that the procedure won’t be painful.