Pregnant Mother 2Today is the International Day Of The Girl Child and as we mark this day around the world, let’s take a few minutes to reflect on these inspiring words from a DIVA Mum:

Dear future daughter,

I have been waiting all my life to have someone like you. I want to call you beautiful, but ‘beauty’ is not all that is to your being. You are more than beautiful! If there is one thing I want you to always remember, it is that ‘you should never allow anyone to define you by your shell’. I want to tell you about the world and people, before you experience them first-hand. The world is many things… it is a happy place, a sad place, it is tough, but it also gets better. Really, it is what you make of it. The world is your oyster; there are no limits, no rules… You make the rules yourself! Dream big!

You are the queen of your own castle. Always, act as such. A queen is compassionate, and caring, she would risk her life to save others, she is not afraid to lose and she recognises that she has powers. The power to create and the power to power destroy. She uses her powers accordingly to build and not destroy.

You may be pushed to your limits, you affirm your authority by staying peaceful and calm. A queen does not need to announce her presence or authority, just by her actions people can recognise who she is.

There are things you will want in life, a career, that fancy dress, new shoes… perhaps, it is a boy…It is okay to want things, but do NOT be desperate for ANYTHING. Be ambitious, have dreams and passions but never let the chase diminish what you already have. You already have what it takes to be successful; all you need is consistency.

I want you to live without fears, and rise above small –minded people because no matter what you do, someone out there still thinks it is not good enough. I want you to live without requiring the validation of anyone… A life where no praise or criticism can phase you. Your life is beautiful no matter what… you will make mistakes but don’t stay there. You will not always have it together because perfect people do not exist! I want you to really love you no matter what, because that is the only way you can experience all life has to offer. Far above everything, desire wisdom. You get wisdom from people, experiences and situations. Sometimes, you may not recognise those you will learn from, be open-minded!

Finally, I want you to be rooted and have an identity in something outside yourself. He is God! I am not talking religion but a relationship. You will need him to navigate your way through life. Always have FAITH. FAITH will get you EVERYWHERE!


Dear Mothers, why don’t you write your own version of dear future daughter – something valuable you want her to learn from you, from life, or perhaps something you would have told your younger self. I also urge you to ensure you keep this letter safe for your daughters.