Teenage DaughterPuberty in teenage girls often begins earlier than most parents think. Breast budding in girls – mostly a first sign of puberty – starts at age 10 on average, with some girls starting as early as 8 and others not starting until 13. The peak growth period (in height, weight, muscle mass, etc.) in girls occurs about one year after puberty has begun. Menstruation usually starts about two years after the onset of puberty; on average, the first menses occurs just before girls turn 13.

It might surprise you to learn that most mothers do not know even half of these facts. In contrast, their maids often know more than they do about their daughter'(s) hygiene and puberty progress.

There are many opportunities during the period of puberty for you to talk to your daughter about the changes she’s experiencing. Your daughter needs to understand the physical changes that will occur in her body during puberty.  Also, while it is necessary to fully respecting her desire for privacy, keep track of your daughter’s bodily changes. Remind your daughter that while she and her friends will grow at different rates, they will eventually catch up with one another. Avoid good-natured teasing of your daughter about her pubertal development. Because most girls feel self-conscious during this time, they will become embarrassed if they are teased about the changing shape of their bodies and general appearance.

It is very advisable to always talk to your daughter about the following physical changes that will happen during this phase. These changes have been listed as follows, in the order in which they generally occur;

Increase in body fat
Breasts enlargement
Pubic hair growth
Increase in height and weight
Occurrence of first menstrual period
Widening of the hips
Skin and hair become more oily
Pimples surface

You should always be on hand to see her through these stages of her life… This is very  important!

So, mothers, share with us. How do you talk to your female daughters about the changes they notice in their bodies during puberty?