causes of spottingThere are multiple reproductive system and medical causes of light spotting before a period. Such causes include pregnancy, hyperthyroidism and using an intrauterine device.

Other causes of light spotting before a period include:
– Cervical cancer and cervical polyps
– Chlamydia, gonorrhea and cervical infections
– Endometrial cancer, hyperplasia or polyps
– Endometriosis
– Changes in hormone levels
– Ovarian cancer or cysts
– Menorrhagia
– Ovulation
– Systemic diseases, including liver and kidney disease
– Sexual intercourse and vaginal trauma
– Vaginal atrophy or vaginal cancer
– Von Willebrand disease

Women who regularly experience abnormal vaginal bleeding should speak to a doctor. This is especially the case when pregnant, perimenopausal for more than 12 months, post-menopausal or under the age of eight.