Nigerian children at schoolI was watching a Nollywood movie the other day; the story-line of which was a case of how female children were being treated in the old Nigeria. I observed that despite the fact that these people pray to God for these children, they still practice a tradition that could even prompt God to rethink his kindness.

It was believed that the girl’s place was nowhere else but the farm, kitchen and bedroom; it was a kind if triangle course until they were married off at ridiculously young ages. I cannot say exactly when things started to change but then civilization stepped in and the girl victims probably got wiser and decided to make an exception of their own offspring.

The result of that ancient resolution is the never-ending conglomerate of heroines this nation conceives which are our respective mothers. These God-sent beings have toiled day and night to contribute their own quota in ensuring that the ugly, beastly tradition of the past does not resurface. That toil has paid off which is the reason why you can read and understand this article; the reason why a girl emerged UNILAG’s youngest medical student; the reason why we have girls doing wonders abroad and making our nation proud; the reason behind the likes of Obiageli Ekwesili, Deiziani Maduekwe, Omotola Johnson, Stephanie Linus, Blessing Okagbare, to mention but a few.

However, we must not ignore the fact that there still could be… in fact, there are; girls out there who still suffer this undeserving evil; most of whom do not even realize the bondage they are in. Those who do constantly hope that someday, they will get their Savior. This Savior, of course will not fall from Heaven. We can be the Saviors these girls yearn for.

The legislature, for starters should enact a law prohibiting gender discrimination as a general act, not just limiting it to child abuse. But most importantly, neighbors should report their co-neighbors who indulge in this act. There are human right organizations, both government owned and NGOs. These organizations will take prompt and due course on the issue to see to it that offenders are brought to book.

On a final note, my heart goes out to all those girls out there suffering this fate. I encourage you to hang in there; help is coming to you. CHANGE? YES WE CAN!

This article was written by a contributor, Bidemi Bayode. You too can inspire and educate people through this platform. Do you have an article for us, please send it to