School 8

Books – check… Pen – check… Backpack – check… huh!!! What now? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten what supplies to get for the new session at school? Did you lose your list, or your school didn’t even give you one? Well, not to worry, here are some basic school essentials that you would need;

School 3Backpack.
– Instrument case.
– Note books and text books
– Dividers to organize materials and papers for each class.
– Supply case to fit in your three-ring binder.
– Sharpened pencils 
– A pencil sharpener.School 7
– Ruler.
– Locker locks
– Packs of notebook paper. Keep one in your backpack and the others at home for when you run out
– Scissors (not blade)
– Pens.
– Erasers
– Highlighters. Any colours are good… choose non-toxic ones if you can.
– Calculator.
– Mini stapler.
– Planner to organize schoolwork.
– An ID card case.
– A mini tablet gadget (optional)

Now that you have got this information, hurry now to your parents and get them to buy these for you. Once this is done, you are good to go!

And don’t forget to get your DIVA Sanitary Pads as well for that special time of the month.

Good luck on your resumption BACK TO SCHOOL!