stress at work

There are people who are just natural workaholics and they can’t seem to help it. If your stress levels are nearing their limit, you might want to take a quick breather. Is work piling on high? Here, we give you several stress-relieving solutions which you can adopt in your work place; that won’t even take you more than thirty minutes!

#1 – A very effective way to cool off is by giving your eyes a rest. Keep an eye mask chilled overnight, and bring it out when your eyes need a reprieve. Drape a sheet or two over your eyes and forget about the world for a little while.

#2 – One of the quickest ways to take a load off is by removing yourself from the stressful environment. Take five minutes off to go outside. Walk for a bit and relax your mind. By the time you get back to your station, you’ll be in a better mood to work.

#3 – Aside from giving your skin that gorgeous glow, a facial massage (rubbing your face or occasionally running your hand through your face) can take your mind off all those open Excel and Word programs.

#4 – After hours of sitting in front of the computer, even the glare of your screen can stress you out. Do yourself a favor and turn off your monitor or close your laptop for a little while. Temporarily ceasing operations gives your brain a chance to reboot. You might also want to try looking at anything green—the plants, the file folder, or the color of your co-worker’s shirt – as it may help soothe the eye strain you’ve probably gotten from looking at the computer too much.

#5 – On a final note… Is your phone littered with apps which you haven’t used for ages? This one is a bit more psychological. Do a quick clean up and discard programs, icons, and shortcuts that make a mess of your screen. You may not be able to do much to get rid of your towering pile of paperwork at the moment, but doing what you can with the little things can help clear your mind, and get you in the right mind-set.

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