period painMenstrual cramps are sharp pains in a woman’s lower abdomen that occur when her menstrual period begins and may continue for 2-3 days. Few women may have them last longer. Symptoms can range in severity from a mild upset to severe pain that interferes with normal activities.

Menstrual cramps are the leading cause of absenteeism in women younger than 30 years of age. Although over half of women who have menstrual periods experience some discomfort, 10% are temporarily disabled by symptoms. The medical term for painful menstruation is dysmenorrhea.

There are however, simple home remedies for treating this case. They are;

– Use heat, such as hot water bottles, heating pads, or hot baths, to relax tense muscles and relieve cramping. Be careful not to burn yourself.
– Drink herbal teas, such as chamomile, mint, raspberry, and blackberry, which may help soothe tense muscles and anxious moods.
– Exercise helps. Regular workouts decrease the severity of cramps.
– Empty your bladder as soon as possible and as many times as you get the urge to urinate.
– Massage with natural oils for about 20 minutes can help reduce menstrual pain.

However, you might want to call your doctor if any of the following occurs during the home treatment;

– You become pregnant.
– Pain is getting worse.
– Menstrual cramps are lasting longer than your period.
– Other symptoms develop, such as fever.
– Symptoms become more severe or frequent.

Please you should note that these symptoms could actually get worse if you do not see a doctor.

Do you have any other home remedies to add DIVA’s?