inside your handbagMembers of the opposite sex always wonder why ladies are always with their hand bags, about 90 percent of women cannot go out without their bags. Apart from fashion, a hand bag has its own advantages and uses. An average woman’s hand bag contains tissue, make-up kit, purse , keys and so on. But there are some other things that are really important and should be kept handy.

Below are 13 things a lady should have in her hand bag:

1. Mints – There is nothing worse than bad breath. And there is also nothing worse than a noisy gum chewer.
Mints will do the trick!

2. Tissues – It’s something Mum always told you to take out with you, but a pack of them sure comes in handy when you are in the public toilet and you’re confronted with your worst fear: an empty toilet paper roll.

3. Nail file – Fact: a broken nail will catch on everything.

4. Compact mirror – This will surely come in handy when you have to reassess your makeup

5. Perfume – Give them something (nice) to remember you by as you drift past.

6. Band Aids – Nip blisters can show up anytime.

7. Hair tie – You wouldn’t wanna be on a bike, with your hair all over your face..

8. Painkillers and Face towels – Sweaty hair plastered to your forehead just isn’t a good look. Emergency headaches may occur…

9. Lipsticks or Lipgloss – Never leave your lips dry.

10. DIVA Pads – It’s best to be on the safer side.

11. Safety Pins – Your blouse could lose a button at any time.

12 Sanitizer – Add sanitizes to the list of essentials every woman should have in her bag. Not only do they look cute and smell awesome, they keep your hands germ free.

13 Lotion – Sometimes your hands need a little bit of attention. Every woman should havesome handlotion in her bag, after all, the #1 beauty rule is: moisturize moisturize moisturize.

For some women the makeup bag is not so necessary but don’t forget a small umbrella that will fit in your bag during the raining season