african-american business womanContinued from part 1…

A lot of people always wonder why despite their dedication and willingness to always give their all at their working places, they end up always not delivering as much as they wish they ought to, or the target they should have met. Well in the first part , we shared five (5) of these tricks and we will be giving you the remaining five here… just to help you get out of this dilemma.

So, here goes;

The Two-minute Rule: When a new task comes in and you see that you can do it in less than two minutes, then do it right away. This easy rule increases your productivity a lot. It’s not a groundbreaking rule, it’s no fancy app or software, it doesn’t even require learning or dedication and you can start doing it today.

Walk around: If your job requires you to sit behind a monitor all day, consider taking time to stretch and walk around. It helps get circulation back into your legs, eases the tension in your back, and if you go to the bathroom to wash your hands and face, gives enough time to re-focus yourself.

Ask for help: Asking for help isn’t a crime, especially when you have a mountain of reports to go through. If you think you’ll be having a difficult time with handling a specific task alone, ask your boss or co-workers for help and delegate parts to them so you can all manage your time more efficiently.

Rest: Think of the day as a series of sprints, and not a marathon. Rewarding yourself with a five-minute break in between tasks is a great motivator, and will help you be more willing to face other tasks ahead. Dividing the work day into sections allows you to optimize your time, and helps lessen the need to force yourself to work and overall fatigue.

Laugh and joke with colleagues: Finally, lunch breaks are the best way to unwind a little and socialize with co-workers, but that doesn’t have to be the only time to do so. You can always create fun at other times.

That’s it folks… hope we have been of help? Now you are good to go with your work rate at the office skyrocketing like nothing you’ve ever witnessed. All you just got to do is make sure that you adhere strictly to the tips given in both parts of the series. Good luck!