lady at workWhen it comes to working, there comes a time when two different scenarios pop up. The first being that everything is going great and you know your job all too well. Things become so routine, you can do it with one eye closed and one hand holding your cup of coffee. The other scenario is when you feel that there’s not enough time in one day to accomplish everything you need to do. Everything is piling up with more and more tasks begging for attention.

Whether it’s about being complacent or having to deal with too much work, the key is to be motivated and to find ways to make sure you make it through the day with your sanity intact.

Check out our work motivation hacks that will surely help you stay focused on your goals without having to over-work a muscle;

List down your tasks: Write down the things you need to do today, then redo them according to any category you want. It could be according to deadline, or how much time it consumes. Taking the time to do lists helps you focus and gives you a bit of time to breathe.

Do the most difficult tasks at the beginning of your day: I suggest that you tackle the least desirable task first, during the time when you’re still fresh and ready to go. That way, you’re slowly moving to the easier tasks that don’t require too much focus.

The Tuesdays and Wednesdays Theory: According to a study, Tuesday is the most productive day of the week, with Wednesday coming in second. This isn’t really a surprise, since Mondays are generally reserved for bemoaning the lost weekend, Thursdays are more for using your reserves to power you through the week, and Fridays are usually for left for winding down and making sure your weekend is stress-free.

Keep a clean work desk: There are some who say that a messy cubicle promotes creative thinking, but when it comes to analysis and research, a cluttered work space would only provide distractions. A clean desk promotes organization and focus on the important things.

Always make time for silence: Whether it’s on a Sunday or when you arrive to work on Monday, take a bit of time to clear your mind. Then slowly start adding in or prioritizing tasks for the week ahead. Having some form of meditation helps the mind optimize itself before it gets bombarded with information.

To Be Continued…