work from home 2

In the first part, we discussed 5 of these conditions. We will treat the remaining 5 here, sit back, relax and enjoy!

6. Talk to your family about boundaries: If you’re a woman with a family, it’s important to let your loved ones know when you’re working, and that you can only be minimally disturbed during those hours. Doing so will help lessen those moments when somebody knocks on your door looking for a missing sock, and it will definitely lessen the chances of having tempers rise.

7. Take Breaks: When you get too engrossed with what you’re doing, remember that it’s important to get up from your chair every after three hours. Also, don’t work past your allotted “shift.” Doing overtime shouldn’t be a habit, especially when you’re working from home.

8. Eat properly: A big no-no when working remotely is bringing your lunch to your work area. Eating in front of your computer can make it hard to concentrate. It also doesn’t satisfy your hunger, which will lead you to snack more often. Therefore it’s a must to always eat on time, have healthy things to munch on, and do so in a proper dining area.

9. Clean up your area at the end of the day: Place those documents back from where you got them and do a bit of housekeeping on your computer files. Cleaning up your area is a ritual that can help you de-clutter not just your desk, but also your mind. It tells you that you’re done for the day, and you can already set your attention to other important things such as your family or your hobbies. Moreover, placing things in order will enable you to greet the next day with a clean desk and a good mood.

10. Finally – Exercise: Working from home means hours of sitting on your chair without getting up. It can also mean that you can easily transfer from your chair to your bed after finishing your tasks. Instead of rolling on your sheets at the end of your working hours, give yourself time to walk around your neighborhood or to hit the gym. Moving around is very important in staying healthy and keeping your mind active.

Have we been of help? If yes, make it so by adhering strictly to these tips.

Good luck!