work from home 2

Working from home has many conveniences: You don’t need to spend for transportation since you don’t need to commute to an office, there’s a good supply of food in your refrigerator, and you can quickly get your hard-earned rest at the end of the day by just walking to your room and jumping into bed.

However, these advantages may easily become disadvantages when you don’t set the right habits in place. They may even cause you to become lazier and more sedentary, and these can affect your work performance. To avoid having backlogs and to help you gain the proper discipline that is needed for one with a home office, here are ten things you can try out;

1. Have a defined working space: Don’t just dump your stuff on the dining table or hop on the sofa. It’s important to have a set space where you can work. Your home office need not be huge–it could be just a small coffee table in one corner of your living room. What’s important is that you have an area where you can immediately switch to work mode. Having one helps you focus more and gets you into the groove faster.

2. Don’t work in your pajamas: If you work in an office building, you won’t head there in your pajamas, right? The same goes for your home office. Respect it enough to at least wear something decent but comfortable. Staying in the clothes you slept in can give you that “blah” feeling and result in you being less productive than you initially planned to be.

3. Follow a proper schedule: Confirm how many hours you need to work, draw up a list of what you need to do, and follow your schedule. For increased productivity, set alarms so you’ll know how much time has passed while doing a specific task.

4. Lessen distractions: One of the hardest things to do when working at home is not to succumb to distractions. If you’re working in a room, close the door. If you’ve set up shop in a common area, put on noise-cancelling ear phones and listen to soothing music. You can also turn off the television, and set your phone on silent. Remember that focusing on the tasks at hand will help you finish faster.

5. Don’t put off hard tasks: When you’re working at home with no one supervising you, it’s always tempting to put off things that are hard to finish for another day. Instead of procrastinating, take a deep breath and just plow through them. After all, such tasks only seem impossible to do until they’re done.

To be continued…